List of SCRC Models

List of SCRC Models #

Model Name Short Description Language Additional Information
BEEPmbp Bayesian Estimation of Epidemic Parameters using Model Based Proposals for MCMC C++ Software Checklist
Contact-Tracing-Model Derived from the FMD model and contact data from Sibylle Java Software Checklist
Covid19_EERAModel Simple COVID-19 simulation model with ABC-smc inference C++ Software Checklist
Covid_Simulation_Model Models spread of COVID-19 through a community by stochastic simulation of the movements and interactions of people Java Software Checklist
Simple Network Sim Adaptation of a simple network simulation model to COVID-19 Python Software Checklist, Developer documentation
Simulation.jl Julia package for running dynamic ecosystem and epidemiological simulations Julia Software Checklist, Developer documenation

Software Checklist #

Each model had a lead Research Software Engineer during the RAMP period and they produced a common checklist to assess and record their level of confidence in the software implementations. The completed checklists are linked in the table and the template has been released under a creative commons licence.