Who are we? #

The Scottish COVID-19 Response Consortium is formed of dozens of individuals from over 30 academic and commercial organisations.

Researchers in these organisations jointly responded to a call by the Royal Society to develop more epidemiological models of COVID-19 spread - RAPID ASSISTANCE IN MODELLING THE PANDEMIC: RAMP - in order to develop a more robust and clearer understanding of the impacts of different exit strategies from lockdown. Scientists from several other organisations across the UK and abroad have now joined the consortium to provide additional expertise in specific areas.

Our outputs: #

During and since the initial three months of RAMP work, our major achievements have been:

  • Seven software epidemiological models in four different programming languages and using multiple scientific approaches. These models have been assessed favourably in internal review against a software checklist we developed.
  • Data APIs in five languages (python, Julia, R, Java and C++) that simplify provenance recording, allowing input data to be verified as it is used, and model outputs to be traced back to the model code and input data that were used to produce them.
  • A set of curated, traceable source data useful for epidemiological modelling on COVID-19.
  • A database to hold metadata and index the data.
  • Data processing code in R to populate the database.

These are discoverable via our GitHub organisation.